I moved on,
To a new love.
A new love that broke my heart.
Broke my heart,
Just like the last one.

I moved on,
To heal our hearts.
Hearts of tears and hearts of fear.

But in the end we just need to confront the pain.
The pain we feel when we decide to heal.

Poison love

Free your mind
Of those who shine,
A very dark light
On top of your heart.

Free your mind
Of the people inside.
Inside your mind,
That poison your smile.

A smile that can fill
The world with love.
A smile that makes you,
Who you truly are.

Free your mind of the poison love.
The love you confuse,
With me my love.

Love fantasy

I am sorry for leaving the way I did,
But my heart is to fragile,
For a game like this .

I’ll see you again,
If we are ment to be.
And if it’s not the case,
You will always be saved
Inside of me.

Well a love like this
Only exists in Love stories made for kids.
Kids like me that like to dream big.
Kids like me that love fantasy.

End of tunnel

The end of the tunnel is here.
A tunnel as long, as the love I got.
A tunnel so long I thought it was home.

It used to have colors,
To glow my world.
Colors of love and colors of hope!

It used to have light,
To shine my mind.
Light of wisdom and light of life.

But now only dust is left in the side.
Pieces of heart scattered in the dark.
Fog of a past I used to have.

The end of the tunnel is here,
A tunnel so long, that I got stuck.
Stuck in an image that never came on.
Stuck in an image with no colors of us.

The end of the tunnel is here
And I wish I didn’t have to keep walking like this.

Singing Fairy Tales

Tell me a story so I can dream.
Write me a poem for me to believe,
In all the fairy tales we used to sing,
For all the fairy tales we were ment to be.

Now they ended, with a happy ending,
You and me in a different setting.
Well looks to me we are not met to be.

Tell me a story so I can dream.
Write me a poem for me to believe,
Believe in the days you where withe me,
Dream of the nights you where by my side.

And now my story has one more poem,
Poem for you to tell me if I should be going.

Where am I?

It has been a while since I have come here.
Here to a place where you I see.
Here to a place I dont want to leave.

It has been a while since I hear your name,
It has been a while since you called my name.

Not sure if I should stay or leave this place.
Not sure if you are even here or in my head.

Wherever it is, it feels pretty cold.
Cold like the storm I am stuck here alone.

Odd Game

You say you love me,
But you played your cards oddly.
A game like chess cannot be played,
If both sides have different eyes.

Eyes that see what one can’t feel,
And eyes that hear the tears of fear.

If this is love
Why does it feel like a game of no odds.
A game with rules, that make us tear.
A game with rules, that break us dear.

You say you love me.
But you played your cards oddly.
It feels I keep losing you even when you are near.
If seems I am wining, while I am actually defeated.

A game like this,
Shall not be played.
Played by me or anyone that has true feelings ,
For you or me.

So if you love me,
Change the game,
Or find a new person to play a checkmate.

The guide

I am fully in love with you,
And you let me go.
I hope you can find me,
If that is what you deserve.

I am fully in love with you,
But you carved a hole inside of me.
A pool of tears that I can’t feel.
A pool of fear I will learn to let free.

I am fully in love with you,
Bur cant see the sight of you.
I think you have lost me,
So if you want me,
You can try and find me.
Or let me go for someone else to guide me.


I am blocked again,
And I don’t blame you.

Staying away might be a mistake,
Might push me away, so far I can’t come back.
Might make me sail away to endless seas,
Where I might discover,
And come back with dreams.
Or might diverge and become a new fish.

But it might also, pull me closer.
Closer to the dream of you and me.
Closer to protecting your heart from me.

Sad to see you gone
But glad to be alone.
Alone in a place where I can think.
Alone in a place where I can’t harm your dreams.

Dreams of you and dreams of me.
Dreams I don’t want to disturb or mislead.

With this said,
I’ll stay away
Even though you have blocked my way.

Light in the Dark

No matter how dark,
The light becomes.
No matter the pain,
That goes down my vains.

I still see you,
As clear as the day.
I still feel you,
Every night and day.

I wish I knew, why this is true.
Well I know you have left,
My time and my space.

Lucky me.
My fantasy,
I’ll keep you near,
Incase you want me dear.