Let the tale begin

Today I write not to say hello.
Hello to a day full of unconditional love,
Love to those we don’t have, but wish we had.

Today I actually write to  begin the story of my dreams without you.
A dream full on unknowns.
So here I stand, alone, alone without you to keep me warm.

Happy that you wont clutter my mind.
Happy you wont make me cry.
Happy that I wont make you cry.

But mostly,
Happy that I cant hurt you anymore.

So here I go!
Ready to write this new story of love

So today I say hello,
Hello to a new life without you.



Call me weak,
Call me blind!

But your secrets are safe to guard.

Guard behind this thick tall wall,
That you see from the fartherst star.

Such tall walk is sad and dark,
That it’s love can’t even run,
Run away from its pray or run away from its bed.

But as my love grows old and strong…

You become my lonely soul.
Lonely to thouse that can’t see,
That my love is true to be.

And I’ll wait behind this wall
Guarding what is ment to be yours.

Call me weak,
Call me blind

But your are the love of mine.

Gift to you

You might have this book already,
But I thought I had to get it.
Get it for a girl of dreams, a girl that wants to travel all seas.

I know your dreams are bigger than me.
So you better fly, fly as high as the stars.
And in your journey there,

“Oh, the places you’ll go!!”

Travel as far as you can see, and as you sail record the tails!
SO one day you can sing your fairy tails!

And if I am there,
Ill make sure to tell,
the story of,
the girl who stole my heart away,
and kept it safe in such happy place.

The Lost Sign

Paint me a door for me to see the other side.
Draw me a door so I can sleep at night.

But with no door, there is no path. And with no path there is no road to you.

I am not asking for a highway,
just asking for a map.
A map to where I can find the half-point in your mind.
A map for me to follow and discover what is love.

Paint me a door for me find you in the dark.
Well in the dark I see, the light that you have lit in me.
And with this light I will walk to end of the world and back.
Just to follow you through any door u draw.

Show me the door so I can reach and walk to our other life.

Until then, I shall sit and look away, hoping for the day that I can hold you again. Well, with no door there is no map, and with no map there is no hope or road to you my love.