Silly Dream

What is love if you are not by my side?
What is love if I cant give you the life you want?

Silly questions, deserve silly answers.
Answers that only you can dream and ponder.
Ponder hard for one to wish,
Wish high enough for one to reach.

Silly thoughts, deserve our dreams,
Our dreams of giants and our dreams of seas.
Seas so big that one cant swim,
Swim as long as one can dream.

Dreams that only you can see,
See in deed because only you are the one with me.


The rain falls as the sun goes
The sun goes as the moon shows 
The moon shows as the water flows
And the water flows as the rain falls.

Falls like a tears of pain,
Glows like the light of day.

But with each drop a light reflects,
Reflects the love I got to show.

So if it rains I have to say,
My love will grow in the light of day ,
And with the moon I shall resist, 
The high tides it brings with in the seas.

Thought of the day

Its not the end when there is no trail.
Its not the beginning when you see a start.
Its just the presence of life that makes us believe this things.
Things we don’t understand. Things we don’t want to believe.

No end begins with a start and no start begins with an end.
In the contrary. Every end begins when a start shall end.
And a start shall end when a new beginning shall start.

So why do we waste our time believing in endings instead of thinking on new beginnings?

One Why

Why is it hard to admit what I want
Why is it hard to show you what I got.
Why is it hard to let the world behind and change the the path of life?

Why can’t I see through the eyes you see
Why can’t I breath the same air you’re in?

Why can’t I just say goodbye and let it all behind
Why cant’ I just forget and start all over again?

Why does time always play with our minds
Why is time always on our backs
Why is this poem even made to last?

Why cant I just make up my mind….


Don’t let me fool you,
I am still the same villain
That lives in the weekends.
With the only difference,
That now I am under
Your nice cozy armor.

But don’t let me fool you,
I am the same villain
That breaks every villa.
Dancing and laughing
Under your magic.

You and Me

The dream has come
When I get to see you again.
Again in my arms, again in my sheets.

The dream has come
When I get to hold you so close.
So close that you wont,
Be able to go.
And if you leave, Ill chase every dream,
Until I get to see
Where you fell asleep.

And in that place
Ill lay in bed.
Next to the dream of you and me.


You know my love,
I got no walls.
No walls to block the love I got.
The only walls I got my dear,
Are the walls I need to keep you here.

My walls are high for others to feel
But you know you got no walls to fear.
No walls to fear from me my dear,
And that`s because the door is yours.
I cant say the door is unlocked,
But Ill say if you play the game,
There is no way you wont find the way.

In the meantime,
Ill stay like a villain,
In the city,
Where no one can see me.

In the city,
I am surrounded by buildings.
With walls so high,
I can`t even climb.
So have no fear,
I wont disappear.
Ill just be here
Dreaming and thinking,
Of the day,
Ill see you again.

And hopefully then,
We have found our way,
And in that journey,
The key to our doorstep.

One week

A week ago you let me go,
You broke my soul and lost all hope.

The dream of me, 
Was left at sea,
For someone else to ride the whale.

It looks to me,
Your played one of my tricks.
Ran away in the light of day.
Ran away in a scary day.
And now I know how the feeling goes
A feel of fear, a feel of tears.
To be left alone with no sight of hope.
To be be left alone in the wild unknown.

A week ago you let me go,
A dream of hope
Vanished on us.
And now I am here, standing alone.
Alone as you have been all along.


I know I am blocked
From you my love.
But you shall see,
There is no rock 
I can’t break free!

I know I am blocked
With many locks.
Locks I can’t see
But have no fear
I’ll break them free!

Free as the air
That flows through the desert.
Free as the spirit
That keeps me dreaming.

I know I am blocked
Behind many doors,
Doors that open and doors that don’t.
Doors that lead to endless walls.

And doors that keep me in a whole.
But you shall see,
You can’t keep me
In this room of endless keys.
Blocked forever from your terrors.
Blocked forever from my true savior.


I’ll give it to you your way
Just for a few days.

I’ll let it go your way,
Until I get some strength.

But after a few days
I shall begin.
The final fight
For you my love!

A fight that might last
All my life

A fight that might last
Just one night.

But a fight I shall put up
A fight that will shine all the starts.
This way even the farthest spirit
Will see me whispering,
That I love you like no other
And that I’ll hold you like my owner.

I’ll give it to you your way,
Just for a few days

I’ll let it go today,
Because I know you need to rest.