You know my love,
I got no walls.
No walls to block the love I got.
The only walls I got my dear,
Are the walls I need to keep you here.

My walls are high for others to feel
But you know you got no walls to fear.
No walls to fear from me my dear,
And that`s because the door is yours.
I cant say the door is unlocked,
But Ill say if you play the game,
There is no way you wont find the way.

In the meantime,
Ill stay like a villain,
In the city,
Where no one can see me.

In the city,
I am surrounded by buildings.
With walls so high,
I can`t even climb.
So have no fear,
I wont disappear.
Ill just be here
Dreaming and thinking,
Of the day,
Ill see you again.

And hopefully then,
We have found our way,
And in that journey,
The key to our doorstep.

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