30 minutes to break my heart,
30 minutes to make me come.
30 minutes to say goodbye,
30 minutes to lift me up.

I cant believe, our story ends like this.
A story of love and a story of hope.
Thrown away down the rabbit hole,
Thrown away like a dirty doll.

But as your watch kept counting time,
My broken clock stud still in time.
Hoping for you to realize,
That all I wanted was to hold you in my arms.

A broken clock is all I got,
To remember the time you were in my life.
But yours only counts down the time.
To let me go as soon as it can.

30 minutes to to leave me dry,
30 minutes to tear my eyes.
30 minutes was all I got,
To say goodbye, to the one I loved.

One thought on “Broken Clock

  1. In a constant state of hoping
    your actions and your devotions towards me
    they align and agree
    I never meant to walk away from
    all the love and beauty we’ve created
    you were the one for me

    I hope you lay down your pride
    choose your heart or your mind
    It’s gotten in the way, one too many times
    one too many times
    raised up in different roots
    its hard to see past those views
    I can’t control all the outcome of my avenues
    you always wonder why I’m runnin’
    I’m still lookin’ for your lovin’

    Tell me is it suppose to feel
    like this when the love is real
    cause if so i don’t want it
    i’d rather say fuck love
    and do my own shit
    Tell me do fairytales exist
    I still believe we can work to it
    but if not, I don’t want it
    I’d rather say fuck love
    and do my own shit


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