Love fantasy

I am sorry for leaving the way I did,
But my heart is to fragile,
For a game like this .

I’ll see you again,
If we are ment to be.
And if it’s not the case,
You will always be saved
Inside of me.

Well a love like this
Only exists in Love stories made for kids.
Kids like me that like to dream big.
Kids like me that love fantasy.

End of tunnel

The end of the tunnel is here.
A tunnel as long, as the love I got.
A tunnel so long I thought it was home.

It used to have colors,
To glow my world.
Colors of love and colors of hope!

It used to have light,
To shine my mind.
Light of wisdom and light of life.

But now only dust is left in the side.
Pieces of heart scattered in the dark.
Fog of a past I used to have.

The end of the tunnel is here,
A tunnel so long, that I got stuck.
Stuck in an image that never came on.
Stuck in an image with no colors of us.

The end of the tunnel is here
And I wish I didn’t have to keep walking like this.