I never thought I would say goodbye to the one I loved.
I never thought the day was night and the night began.

An endless night,
For monsters to come.
The darkest night,
For me to get lost.

Lost in sea of hopeless dreams.
Lost in the idea of you and me.

And all I have left is a broken safe,
A safe where I used to hide away.

I never thought I would say goodbye to the one I loved
I never thought the monsters would take me whole.

And into a deep-sleep I shall begin,
To forget all the pain this has caused me.

Endless letter

Hope you could take back,
All the things you have said.
Hope I could hold you in my arm,
Every night and day.

Hope was the thing I thought we had.
And hope is the thing that broke us apart.

So this is the day I say goodbye;
To the person I write my letters of love.


What to do with all the gifts I have for you.
What to do with the idea of me and you?
Through away like an old cocktail,
Or keep it safe until is forgotten.

What to do with the picture of you,
What to do with my broken youth.
So broken I can’t see,
Whatever else is in front of me.

But fear you not,
I’ll move along
This empty path you used to have ,
This empty path we used to call,

Broken Clock

30 minutes to break my heart,
30 minutes to make me come.
30 minutes to say goodbye,
30 minutes to lift me up.

I cant believe, our story ends like this.
A story of love and a story of hope.
Thrown away down the rabbit hole,
Thrown away like a dirty doll.

But as your watch kept counting time,
My broken clock stud still in time.
Hoping for you to realize,
That all I wanted was to hold you in my arms.

A broken clock is all I got,
To remember the time you were in my life.
But yours only counts down the time.
To let me go as soon as it can.

30 minutes to to leave me dry,
30 minutes to tear my eyes.
30 minutes was all I got,
To say goodbye, to the one I loved.


The dream of past lives,
The idea of not having you in my arms.
Are just some nightmares I can’t have.

Nightmares I am not ment to see
Nightmares I am not ment to believe.

The idea of not having you by my side.
Is an idea for witches that don’t believe in love.
Creatures that can’t stand hope on the eyes of god.

While in the present ,
I see you every second.
I feel you through all my senses.
Even in those dreams I am not ment to see,
Because you my love are here with me.

Path to Us

It seems to me, I lost my way.
My way of loving,
My way of being.

It seems odd to me, my cruelty.
The love I got, is corrupting me.
A jealous beast is growing in me.

And I need to learn how to control this thing.
Before it takes over and destroys all of me.
Well, where I go I see the ghosts,
That take you somewhere that I can’t go.
That take you somewhere I dont belong.

It seems to me, I lost my way.
My way of trusting,
My way of seeing.

I need to know,
If you will hold me close.
In my days of sorrow,
In my days of no hope.

Well it seems to me, you like to leave.
To disappear when I need you here.
To not be here when I need rescuing.

Dont get me wrong,
I like to look,
Well looking for you is my only hope.
Hope of never letting you go,
Hope of giving you all my love.

But its been a while, and I can’t find you.
Seems like you are hiding
Seems like you are gone.

If you still around,
Give me a clue,
And I’ll try to find you before I get lost.

It seems to me, I lost my way.
Gone to a place that I don’t know.
Gone to a place my beast might love.
Come rescue me if you want us to be.
Or let me go down the rabbit hole.

Confidence of Love

Where did the confidence go?

The confidence you had the day you stole my heart.
The confidence you had to ask for a kiss and lime.

Where did the confidence go?
The one that made you sing, all night long.
The one that made love to me,
In the corners of extacy.

Hope you find what’s missing in your life,
Hope you gain the trust I️ have.
And while you search, I’ll be by your side,
As long as you go chase that confidence back into your heart!

Patience Sky

Having patience is like looking at the stars,
Looking how still they are,
While they look back at you at the speed of light.

The stars that shine and the starts that die.
But as you watch, they all look alive!
Full of energy to fuel your mind.
Mind that thinks a little too much.

But patience will control the ride.
So look close to the shooting stars,
Well these are the ones I am at.
Looking back at your beautiful eyes,
Hoping to see the ocean inside.

Patience sky will be by your side,
As long as you look at the light inside.


It’s been a month since Ive been away.
Away of the thoughts
Of not having you love!

Away from a place,
where you aren’t there.
It’s been a month away from this page,
Where I tell you dear,
How much I love you near!

My present to you

My love is pure.
My love is true.
My love is all I can give to you!

A present to tear,
And discovered for real.
What love can do,
To someone like you!

Take my present
And open it carefully,

It’s fragile and sensitive
But truly amazing.
And it’s all yours, if you keep it close.
Close to your heart
Where I want to belong.